Chapter 8

Becoming Data-driven


Bullet Realizing why it is a necessity to become data driven

Bullet Moving towards a data-driven approach

Bullet Scoping and defining a data strategy

Bullet Establishing a data-driven mindset

Unless a company invests big money in becoming data-driven in today's business climate, it will eventually perish. Companies that don’t believe that their data is an asset (and therefore should be managed accordingly) will end up in a lot of trouble within the next five years. This chapter explains why it’s necessary for your company to become data driven and offers some advice on what steps your company needs to take in order to become data-driven.

Understanding Why Data-Driven Is a Must

Companies and organizations across many business areas have begun their journey to capture, create, and use data in ways that are fundamentally changing how people work and live. And, as you’re probably already aware, the starting point for any data-driven organization is simply the realization that data is at the core of everything it does. It is truly the foundation of everything, and ...

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