Chapter 12

Positioning the Role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO)


Bullet Defining the CDO role

Bullet Justifying the need for a CDO

Bullet Getting started with a CDO role for your company

Bullet Predicting future CDO scenarios

Assuming that there is strategic agreement on setting up a common data science function in your company, who will then be the strategic spokesperson for all data science efforts? Who will ensure that data science is understood and included on corporate leadership's agenda? It's more than giving a boardroom presentation now and then in order to make sure that the top brass has an idea of what's going on; it's about making sure that data science becomes a vital part of the everyday agenda. Here is where the CDO role becomes extremely important.

The chief data officer (CDO) is the corporate officer responsible for overseeing a range of data related functions to ensure that your organization gets the most benefit from what could be its most valuable asset — its data. The position's scope includes enterprise-wide governance and the utilization of data and information as an asset, ...

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