Chapter 20

Using Data for Insights or Commercial Opportunities


Bullet Deciding what to concentrate your data science investment on

Bullet Recognizing what drives internal business insights

Bullet Investing in commercial opportunities enabled by data

Bullet Finding a balance in your strategic objectives

If you’re planning to use data science mainly to enable data-driven operations and fact-based decisions and to drive internal efficiencies, you must understand your main strategic areas of concern from a business optimizer perspective. If, on the other hand, your main ambition is to underpin your commercial offerings using data science, there are some other strategic considerations to be aware of as a market innovator or disruptor. This chapter explains the strategic aspects you need to consider depending on what your business objectives are.

Focusing Your Data Science Investment

If you and your company have just recently embarked on the data science and machine intelligence journey, it isn’t an easy task to strategically decide how you want to focus your investments going forward. Yet choosing ...

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