Data Stewardship in Action

Book description

Take your organization's data maturity to the next level by operationalizing data governance

Key Features

  • Develop the mindset and skills essential for successful data stewardship
  • Apply practical advice and industry best practices, spanning data governance, quality management, and compliance, to enhance data stewardship
  • Follow a step-by-step program to develop a data operating model and implement data stewardship effectively
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Book Description

In the competitive data-centric world, mastering data stewardship is not just a requirement—it's the key to organizational success. Unlock strategic excellence with Data Stewardship in Action, your guide to exploring the intricacies of data stewardship and its implementation for maximum efficiency.

From business strategy to data strategy, and then to data stewardship, this book shows you how to strategically deploy your workforce, processes, and technology for efficient data processing. You’ll gain mastery over the fundamentals of data stewardship, from understanding the different roles and responsibilities to implementing best practices for data governance. You’ll elevate your data management skills by exploring the technologies and tools for effective data handling. As you progress through the chapters, you’ll realize that this book not only helps you develop the foundational skills to become a successful data steward but also introduces innovative approaches, including leveraging AI and GPT, for enhanced data stewardship.

By the end of this book, you’ll be able to build a robust data governance framework by developing policies and procedures, establishing a dedicated data governance team, and creating a data governance roadmap that ensures your organization thrives in the dynamic landscape of data management.

What you will learn

  • Enhance your job prospects by understanding the data stewardship field, roles, and responsibilities
  • Discover how to develop a data strategy and translate it into a functional data operating model
  • Develop an effective and efficient data stewardship program
  • Gain practical experience of establishing a data stewardship initiative
  • Implement purposeful governance with measurable ROI
  • Prioritize data use cases with the value and effort matrix

Who this book is for

This book is for professionals working in the field of data management, including business analysts, data scientists, and data engineers looking to gain a deeper understanding of the data steward role. Senior executives who want to (re)establish the data governance body in their organizations will find this resource invaluable. While accessible to both beginners and professionals, basic knowledge of data management concepts, such as data modeling, data warehousing, and data quality, is a must to get started.

Table of contents

  1. Data Stewardship in Action
  2. Foreword
  3. Contributors
  4. About the author
  5. About the reviewers
  6. Preface
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    2. What this book covers
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  7. Part 1:Why Data Stewardship and Why Me?
  8. Chapter 1: From Business Strategy to Data Strategy to Data Stewardship
    1. Understanding the strategic, tactical, and operational value of data stewardship
      1. Bridging the gap between data strategy and data operation
    2. Unlocking business value with data stewardship
      1. Understanding business strategy
      2. Understanding data strategy
      3. Operationalizing your data strategy via data stewardship
    3. Exploring the mindset and skillset gap
    4. Translating strategy into execution
      1. Data collection
      2. Data governance framework
      3. Analytics and reporting tools
      4. Tracking progress
    5. Decoding data governance, management, and stewardship
      1. Data stewards wear different hats
    6. Summary
  9. Chapter 2: How Data Stewardship Can Help Your Organization
    1. Defining data stewardship
      1. The work scope of a data steward
      2. Understanding the role of a data steward
      3. Types of data stewards
      4. Comparing strategic data stewardship with a standard operating procedure
    2. Using business cases for storytelling and value realization
    3. Creating a competitive edge with data stewardship
    4. Summary
  10. Chapter 3: Getting Started with the Data Stewardship Program
    1. Defining the origin and destination of your data stewardship program
    2. Getting buy-in of data stewardship from stakeholders
    3. Building a prioritization matrix
      1. The impact-effort matrix
      2. The RICE method
      3. MoSCoW analysis
      4. Comparing different prioritization matrices
    4. Assessing data maturity
    5. Building the foundation of your data stewardship program
    6. Summary
  11. Part 2:How to Become a Data Steward and Shine!
  12. Chapter 4: Developing a Comprehensive Data Management Strategy
    1. What is a data strategy?
    2. Assessing your current data environment for creating a data strategy – Where are you now?
      1. Data maturity assessment
      2. The CDMC framework
    3. Fulfilling the business and data strategy – Where do you want to go?
      1. Spider web diagram
    4. Introducing the people, process, and technology – How do we get there?
    5. Making the impact visible to your stakeholders - Feedback loop to measure and report progress
      1. Engagement model
    6. Summary
  13. Chapter 5: People, Process, and Technology
    1. Empowering people for an effective data stewardship program
      1. Roles and responsibilities
      2. Skills and training
      3. Stakeholder engagement
      4. Demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) of a data stewardship program
    2. Standardizing processes to ensure consistent data operation
      1. Data governance framework
      2. Data compliance and risk management
    3. Leveraging technology to fast-track your data journey
      1. Data infrastructure
      2. Data integration
      3. Data security and privacy technologies
      4. Investment strategy on technology for data stewardship
    4. Fostering the data culture
      1. Cultivating a data-driven culture
      2. Overcoming resistance
      3. Measuring cultural change
    5. Understanding the TOM – From strategy to operation
      1. Designing the TOM
      2. Implementing the TOM
      3. Evaluating and adjusting the TOM
    6. Summary
  14. Chapter 6: Establishing a Data Governance Organization
    1. Establishing data governance bodies
      1. Building your team
      2. Team structure and hierarchy
      3. Mode of data stewardship
      4. Data is a team sport
    2. Creating a data governance roadmap
      1. Creating short-term and long-term roadmaps
      2. Risk management and mitigation
      3. Defining KPIs
      4. Measuring and reporting on KPIs
      5. Using KPIs for continuous improvement
      6. Reviewing the fitness of your data stewardship mode
    3. Summary
  15. Chapter 7: Data Steward Roles and Responsibilities
    1. Understanding high-level roles and responsibilities
      1. Day-to-day activities for data stewards
      2. RACI matrix for data governance
    2. Establishing data quality and lineage principles and practices
      1. Data quality
      2. The DQM cycle
      3. Data lineage
    3. Setting up data classification, access control, and security
      1. Data classification
      2. Data access control
      3. Data security and protection
    4. Monitoring and ensuring data privacy and compliance
    5. Summary
  16. Chapter 8: Effective Data Stewardship
    1. Establishing data stewardship principles and standardizing data incident management
      1. The data life cycle
      2. Principles and policies
      3. Data incident management
    2. Defining and implementing data ownership
      1. Defining and designing a data domain
      2. Assigning an owner to a data domain
      3. Day 2 for data ownership and domain
    3. Defining a target state – What does good data stewardship look like?
      1. Understanding the level of data complexity
      2. Defining a target state
      3. What does good look like for data owners?
    4. Summary
  17. Chapter 9: Supercharge Data Governance and Stewardship with GPT
    1. Pairing data and AI
    2. Leveraging AI and GPT for data governance
      1. Enhancing data quality and trust
      2. Automation and enrichment
      3. Driving innovation and insight
    3. Understanding the challenges and limitations
    4. Embracing a responsible AI framework
      1. Best practices for responsible AI in data governance
      2. Operationalizing a responsible AI Framework
    5. Future of AI for data governance
    6. Summary
  18. Part 3:What Makes Data Stewardship a Sustainable Success?
  19. Chapter 10: Data Stewardship Best Practices
    1. Rolling out a people-first operational model
      1. Aligning data mindset and continuous learning
      2. Creating a culture of accountability and ownership
    2. Executing day-to-day data processes
      1. Who does what, by when, and approved by whom?
      2. Data mapping and metadata management
      3. Data risk assessment and mitigation
    3. Optimizing your data journey with strategic technological integration
      1. Data stewardship tools and technologies
      2. Data catalog and metadata
      3. Blockchain and AI
    4. Valuing and protecting data as an asset
      1. Realizing short- and long-term business value via data
    5. Summary
  20. Chapter 11: Theory versus Real Life
    1. Understanding why there is a gap between theory and reality
      1. Discovering the gaps
      2. Identifying the gaps
    2. Bridging the gap between theory and reality
      1. Critical thinking in bridging theory and reality
      2. Integrating data stewardship into daily operations
      3. Gap #1 – Standard operating procedure is written but not followed
      4. Gap #2 – Insufficient commitment from stakeholders
      5. Gap #3 – Data governance operating model cannot keep up with ever-changing regulatory requirements
      6. Gap #4 – Technical debt
    3. Future-proofing your data stewardship program
      1. Benchmarking with DAMA and EDMC surveys
      2. Enhancing data stewards’ skills with skillset matrix
      3. Cultivating resilience and adaptability in data stewardship
      4. Evolving theoretical models with real-life experiences
    4. Summary
  21. Chapter 12: Case Studies
    1. Nurturing a data culture with a data mindset – case study #1
      1. A plan of action
      2. Data stewardship in action
      3. Outcome
    2. Streamlining fund performance and reporting – case study #2
      1. A plan of action
      2. Data stewardship in action
      3. Outcome
    3. Summary
  22. Index
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  • Title: Data Stewardship in Action
  • Author(s): Pui Shing Lee
  • Release date: February 2024
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781837636594