Preface to the Sixth Edition

Data Structures and Algorithms in Java provides an introduction to data structures and algorithms, including their design, analysis, and implementation. The major changes in this sixth edition include the following:

  • We redesigned the entire code base to increase clarity of presentation and consistency in style and convention, including reliance on type inference, as introduced in Java 7, to reduce clutter when instantiating generic types.
  • We added 38 new figures, and redesigned 144 existing figures.
  • We revised and expanded exercises, bringing the grand total to 794 exercises! We continue our approach of dividing them into reinforcement, creativity, and project exercises. However, we have chosen not to reset the numbering scheme with each new category, thereby avoiding possible ambiguity between exercises such as R-7.5, C-7.5, P-7.5.
  • The introductory chapters contain additional examples of classes and inheritance, increased discussion of Java's generics framework, and expanded coverage of cloning and equivalence testing in the context of data structures.
  • A new chapter, dedicated to the topic of recursion, provides comprehensive coverage of material that was previously divided within Chapters 3, 4, and 9 of the fifth edition, while newly introducing the use of recursion when processing file systems.
  • We provide a new empirical study of the efficiency of Java's StringBuilder class relative to the repeated concatenation of strings, and then discuss the ...

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