Chapter 10

Adding Functionality and Applying Color

In This Chapter

arrow Humanizing your data viz

arrow Choosing effective colors

arrow Understanding navigation

Now that you've completed the mockup of each section of your storyboard and added some visuals, it's time to add some functionality and color to your data viz. Adding functionality to your mockup requires that you bring it into your tool of choice. See Chapter 3 for more details on choosing the correct business intelligence (BI) tool to build your data visualization.

This chapter shows you how to develop a mobile-first mentality, add easy-to-use navigation by choosing the correct menu types, and choose and apply an effective color scheme to your data viz.

Adding these formatting and style components is what we refer to as the human side of data viz. Humanizing your data viz is a critical component of any data visualization.

Recognizing the Human Components

As compelling mobile apps continue to evolve, user expectations are at an all-time high. Gone are the days when apps could survive based simply on their usefulness. In the app world, having ...

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