Dimensional charting - dc.js

Visualizing Crossfilter dimensions and groups is precisely the reason why dc.js was created. This handy JavaScript library was created by your humble author and is designed to allow you to visualize Crossfilter dimensional dataset easily and quickly. This library was originally created by your humble author now maintained by a group of community contributor led by Gordon Woodhull.


dc.js version 2.0 beta that we used in this chapter has not yet been upgrade to D3 v4.x therefore you will notice usage and references to old D3 v3 API which is somewhat different from what we have witnessed so far in this book.

Getting ready

Open your local copy of the following file as reference:

https://github.com/NickQiZhu/d3-cookbook-v2/blob/master/src/appendix-a/dc.html ...

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