Chapter 14. Building a Winning Data Warehousing Project Team

In This Chapter

  • Avoiding assumptions when creating your data warehousing team

  • Understanding the roles that you need in your team

  • Putting the right people in the right roles

  • Organizing how your team members will work together

Your attention, please. Here's the starting lineup for your data warehousing project.

Batting first, and playing data architect, with four years of data warehousing experience, Vicki. (Applause from the crowd.)

Batting second, your project manager, with seven years of project-management experience and three of those years spent in the data warehousing area, Paul. (More applause.)

Batting third, last year's most valuable player for her key role on a 90-day data mart development project that was delivered two weeks ahead of schedule, and serving as the senior developer, Amanda. (Still more applause.)

Okay, being part of a data warehousing team isn't exactly like being a member of a major-league baseball team. In reality, it's nothing like being a member of a major-league baseball team, except for one thing: teamwork.

Your best chances of data warehousing project success lie with building a winning team. Like in baseball, your team must have a balance of skills across a variety of roles. If your baseball team has ten excellent pitchers bound for the Hall of Fame, but all the infielders play baseball like I did in Little League, you probably won't win many games.

Don't Make This Mistake!

A development team that does ...

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