Chapter 15. You Need What? When? — Capturing Requirements

In This Chapter

  • Deciding whether to make your requirements business or technically driven

  • Using technically-driven requirement strategies

  • Strategizing for business-driven requirements

Every time I think of those who don't listen to user's requirements, I think about that famous Saturday Night Live skit depicting a busy diner owned and run by the blustering, mustachioed Pete Dionasopolis. Pete doesn't let a customer order what she really wants to eat (a club sandwich and tea), instead giving her a cheeseburger and soda. In the end, he relents and gives her tea, but not without first frustrating her and probably making her wish she had gone somewhere else.

When it comes to finding out users' needs, you don't want to be like Pete. Instead, listen to and hear what users say they need. Then, you can build an effective data warehouse that users love to use.

Choosing between Being Business or Technically Driven

Hopefully, you decide that if the user wants a tea, you give him or her a tea! Many IT people find focusing on what innovations and implementations will drive the greatest value for the investment a challenge. So, should the business drive IT, or should IT drive the business? A long time ago, when I was consulting with key IT personnel at Procter and Gamble, a leader by the name of Bob Herbold declared, "We are not a software company, we are a consumer goods company." This quote really set my perspective. Such declarations by business ...

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