Are you an information technology professional watching, with great interest, the massive unfolding and spreading of the data warehouse movement during the past decade? Are you contemplating a move into this fast-growing area of opportunity? Are you a systems analyst, programmer, data analyst, database administrator, project leader, or software engineer eager to grasp the fundamentals of data warehousing? Do you wonder how many different books you may have to study to learn the underlying principles and the current practices? Are you lost in the maze of the literature and products on the subject? Do you wish for a single publication on data warehousing, clearly and specifically designed for IT professionals? Do you need a textbook that helps you learn the fundamentals in sufficient depth? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, this book is written specially for you.

This is the one definitive book on data warehousing clearly intended for IT professionals. The organization and presentation of the book are specially tuned for IT professionals. This book does not presume to target anyone and everyone remotely interested in the subject for some reason or another, but is written to address the specific needs of IT professionals like you. It does not tend to emphasize certain aspects and neglect other critical ones. The book takes you over the entire spectrum of data warehousing.

As a veteran IT professional with wide and intensive industry experience, ...

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