Your project team has constructed the best data warehouse possible. Data extraction from the source systems was carefully planned and designed. The transformation functions cover all the requirements. The staging area has been laid out well and it supports every function carried out there. Loading of the data warehouse takes place without a flaw. Your end-users have the most effective tools for information retrieval and the tools fit their requirements as closely as possible. Every component of the data warehouse works correctly and well. With everything in place and working, if the users do not have the right training and support, none of the team's efforts matters. It could be one big failure. You cannot overstate the significance of user training and support, both initially and on an ongoing basis.

Figure 20-2. Statistics for the users.

True, when the project team selected the vendor tools, perhaps some of the users received initial training on the tools. This can never be a substitute for proper training. You have to set up a training program taking into consideration all of the areas where the users must be trained. In the initial period, and continuing after deployment of the first version of the data warehouse, the users need the support to carry on. Do not underestimate the establishment of a meaningful and useful support system. You know ...

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