Interface Name: java.sql.ResultSet

Superclass: None

Immediate Subclasses: None

Interfaces Implemented: None

Availability: JDK 1.1


This class represents a database result set. It provides an application with access to database queries one row at a time. During query processing, a ResultSet maintains a pointer to the current row being manipulated. The application then moves through the results sequentially until all results have been processed or the ResultSet is closed. A ResultSet is automatically closed when the Statement that generated it is closed, re-executed, or used to retrieve the next ResultSet in a multiple result set query.

Class Summary

public interface ResultSet {
    static public final int CONCUR_READ_ONLY;
    static public final int CONCUR_UPDATABLE;
    static public final int FETCH_FORWARD;
    static public final int FETCH_REVERSE;
    static public final int FETCH_UNKNOWN;
    static public final int TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY;
    static public final int TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE;
    static public final int TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE;
    boolean absolute(int row) throws SQLException;
    void afterLast( ) throws SQLException;
    void beforeFirst( ) throws SQLException;
    void cancelRowUpdates( ) throws SQLException;
    void clearWarnings( ) throws SQLException;
    void close( ) throws SQLException;
    void deleteRow( ) throws SQLException;
    int findColumn(String cname) throws SQLException;
    boolean first( ) throws SQLException;
    Array getArray(int index) throws SQLException;
    Array getArray(String cname) ...

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