674 DB2 Cube Views: A Primer
API architecture overview
The API is composed of a single stored procedure registered to a DB2 database.
Figure D-1 shows a diagrammatic representation of the DB2 Cube Views API
and how metadata is exchanged through the API.
Figure D-1 API architecture
As described by the diagram, the API is an interface that allows access to
This stored procedure accepts input and output parameters in which you can
express complex metadata and metadata operations. Applications A & B push
metadata (by creating and manipulating) to the DB2 catalog and also pull
metadata from the DB2 Catalog. Application C just pulls metadata from DB2
Cube Views. Flow of metadata in all these cases is through the stored procedure
DB2 Database
DB2 Cube Views
(Stored Procedure)
System Catalog
Relational tables
& data
Application A
Eg. Olap Center
Application C
Eg. Office Connect,QMF
SQL Queries
Application B

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