272 DB2 Cube Views: A Primer
8.1 Ascential MetaStage product overview
MetaStage is the platform services component of the Ascential Enterprise
Integration Suite shown in Figure 8-1, responsible for management of metadata.
MetaStage is a persistent metadata Directory that uniquely synchronizes
metadata across multiple separate silos, eliminating rekeying and the manual
establishment of cross-tool relationships. Based on patented technology, it
provides seamless cross-tool integration throughout the entire Business
Intelligence and data integration lifecycle and toolsets. MetaStage provides full
investment protection that reduces the guesswork associated with iterative
updates, allowing you to assess the impact of change, and understand the full
meaning (and potential) of your data without ambiguity.
Figure 8-1 Ascential Enterprise Integration Suite
MetaStage provides a new approach to the management of metadata.
Regardless of your architecture, MetaStage lets you develop a high-quality
enterprise resource over which you have real control.
This innovative architecture consists of five major software components:
1. MetaStage Directory:
The MetaStage Directory is a server-side database that is configured by the
MetaStage administrator, and utilized by the rest of the MetaStage clients and
Ascential Enterprise Integration Suite
Parallel Execution Engine
match, and
correct data
enrich, and
deliver data
Meta Data Management
Enterprise Connectivity
Real-time Integration Services
Enterprise Connectivity
Chapter 8. Using Ascential MetaStage and the DB2 Cube Views MetaBroker 273
external applications. Ascential's patented translation and identity technology
— advanced Meta Model embedded within MetaStage and MetaBrokers —
can decompose any tools' capabilities into the metadata equivalent of the
Periodic Table of Elements. As MetaStage fundamentally understands what
each tool requires at the atomic level, it can easily recompose metadata for
any other tool that shares common atoms (or concepts) on demand. Ascential
calls this atomic level representation and commonality technique
. This also enables MetaStage to automatically recognize whether a
metadata asset within the metamodel is, in fact, the same thing.
MetaStage Directory is capable of sourcing, sharing, storing, and reconciling
a comprehensive spectrum of metadata:
a. Business metadata: Business rules, definitions, business domains, terms,
glossaries, algorithms and lineage information using business language
(for business users).
b. Technical metadata: Defines source and target systems, and their table
and fields structures and attributes, derivations and dependencies (for
specific users of Business Intelligence, OLAP, ETL, Data Profiling, and ER
Modeling tools).
c. Operational metadata: Information about operational application execution
(events) and their frequency, record counts, component-by-component
analysis, and other related granular statistics (for operations,
management, and business users).
d. Project metadata: Documents and audits development efforts, assigns
stewards, and handles change management (for operations, stewards,
tool users, and management).
Since all of the Directory's objects are versioned, a complete chronological
audit trail of events is provided. An administrator can roll back a Directory to a
known point in time, or consolidate it for optimal operational efficiency. As
companies usually span multiple time zones and territories, the entire
MetaStage deliverable is National Language Support (NLS) and Unicode
enabled. Multi-tiered access with roles such as administrator, developer,
subscriber and steward can be configured to ensure that the right metadata is
delivered to the right person, at the right time — either singularly, or
integrated with corporate directories such as LDAP.
2. MetaBrokers and MetaArchitect:
Using MetaStage and its MetaBrokers, your company can leverage
best-of-class modeling, data profiling, data quality, ETL, OLAP and Business
Intelligence tools and be assured of protecting its investment.
Ascential's high fidelity and round-trip integrity approach leverages each
tool's true metadata format and meaning, enabling you to exploit the full value

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