Preface: A Short History of DB2 for z/OS

Let’s go back in time...almost three decades ago...back to the wild and woolly 1980s! And watch as our favorite DBMS, DB2, grows up over time.

Version 1 Release 1 was announced on June 7, 1983. And it became generally available on Tuesday, April 2, 1985. I wonder if it was ready on April 1st but not released because of April Fool’s Day? Initial DB2 development focused on the basics of making a relational DBMS work. Early releases of DB2 were viewed by many as an “information center” DBMS, not for production work like IMS.

Version 1 Release 2 was announced on February 4, 1986 and was released for general availability a month later on March 7, 1986. Wow! Can you imagine waiting only a month for a new release ...

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