318 DB2 for z/OS Administration Tools for Enhanced Change Management
7.2.1 The change being made
With this example we compare a table DSG24D01.GLWTEPA against DSG24P01.GLWTEPA
in the same subsystem. DSG24D01.GLWTEPA has a column UPDATED_BY defined with
CHAR(80), DSG24P01.GLWTEPA has the same table definition but the column
UPDATED_BY is defined with CHAR(8).
There is an additional index DSG24D01.GLWXEPA3 defined on table DSG24D01.GLWTEPA.
This index does not exist on table DSG24P01.GLWTEPA.
7.2.2 Invoking DB2 Compare
After invoking DB2 Compare from the DB2 Admin Main Menu you have to specify the source
and the target. According to our change, we use the table DSG24D01.GLWTEPA as a source
and the table DSG24P01.GLWTEPA as a target. See Figure 7-12.
Figure 7-12 Invoking DB2 Compare
DB2 Admin -------------- DB2 Administration Menu 7.2.0 ------------------ 12:05
Option ===> C
1 - DB2 system catalog DB2 System: DB8A
2 - Execute SQL statements DB2 SQL ID: PAOLOR1
3 - DB2 performance queries Userid : PAOLOR1
4 - Change current SQL ID DB2 Rel : 815
5 - Utility generation using LISTDEFs and TEMPLATEs
P - Change DB2 Admin parameters
DD - Distributed DB2 systems
E - Explain
Z - DB2 system administration
SM - Space management functions
W - Manage work statement lists
X - Exit DB2 Admin
CC - DB2 catalog copy version maintenance
CM - Change management
Interface to other DB2 products and offerings:
C DB2 Object Comparison Tool

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