166 DB2 for z/OS Administration Tools for Enhanced Change Management
4.9 Using the masking feature
Masking is an important feature if you want to adapt the naming standards of your DDL inside
a change. You can use the feature masking while you try to import normal DDL or perhaps a
delta change data set. In the same way, masking can be used when you use Compare.
With Admin and Compare 7.2, the ability to store your masking items inside DB2 tables has
been introduced. The affected table of your Change Management database is:
This table contains the different masking names. A masking name consists of OWNER and
NAME. Every entry gets a specific number inside this table:
According to the specific number from :cmown.ADBCMASK, there is a sequence entry in
:cmown.ADBCMASKS that represents one masking change (comparable to one row in an
existing masking data set).
As mentioned earlier in the book, mask files from 7.1 can be converted into CM mask files by
creating a new mask from panel ADB2C2, CM - Manage Masks, and choosing option 2 to
create a mask. Then while editing the new CM mask, you can cut and paste the contents of
the old 7.1 mask file into the new CM mask file.
4.9.1 Field descriptions
There is a description of fields available, which you can use during masking. You first have to
enter your masking profile with E , then you can see information about the parameters in the
member header. See Figure 4-65.
Figure 4-65 Choosing a mask for edit
DB2 Admin ------------------- CM - Masks -------------------------- Row 1 of 4
Command ===> Scroll ===> CSR
Line commands:
U - Update DEL - Delete INS - Insert ML - Mask lines CH - Changes
E - Edit I - Details on mask
Sel ID Owner Name Comment
* * * *
--- ----------- -------- ------------------ ----------------------------------
******************************* END OF DB2 DATA *******************************

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