64 DB2 for z/OS and WebSphere: The Perfect Couple
Figure 3-18 Custom Properties 4
preTestSQLString Specify a “dummy” select from an existing table. This
statement is used for the pre-test connection function, for
currentSQLID Initializes the CURRENT SQLID special register with the
value specified here. We specify ITSOUSER. This value
specifies the default schema name that is used to qualify
unqualified database objects in dynamically prepared
SQLstatements if currentSchema is not used.
This concludes the definition of a Data Source using type 2 connectivity with the DB2
Universal Driver. However, we still have to set the values for the symbolic variables that were
used when defining the JDBC provider before.
3.5.3 Setting/verifying the symbolic environment variables
To specify environment variable, on the main Admin Console display, in the left frame, select
Manage WebSphere Variables (Figure 3-19 on page 65).
This shows the available WebSphere (environment) variables that are already defined.
Determine whether we need to do this on the server scope, or maybe we can do on an higher
scope. Change the scope accordingly. (We use the Server scope, as it gives us more
flexibility, as we need to be able to connect to a V7 and V8 DB2 for z/OS system.)

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