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This IBM Redbook will help you develop, monitor, tune, and size DB2®
Information Integrator Version 8.2 applications in the AIX® and Windows®
This publication is aimed at DBAs responsible for managing the performance of a
DB2 Information Integrator environment.
This publication is organized as follows:
򐂰 Chapter 1 provides an overview of DB2 Information Integrator, and describes
the pros and cons of implementing different configurations in a typical
customer environment.
򐂰 Chapter 2 provides an overview of performance management in general, as
well as specific considerations that apply to a DB2 Information Integrator
򐂰 Chapter 3 discusses the key performance drivers of a DB2 Information
Integrator environment, and provides best practices recommendations for
achieving optimal performance. This will include a description of the tools
available to monitor and tune DB2 Information Integrator environments.
򐂰 Chapter 4 describes a rigorous approach to performance problem diagnosis
in a DB2 Information Integrator environment, and applies this approach in
diagnosing a number of commonly encountered performance problems in
typical customer environments.
򐂰 Chapter 5 describes an approach for performing capacity planning of an
existing DB2 Information Integrator environment.
򐂰 Appendix A provides an overview of DB2 Information Integrator Version 8.2
performance enhancements.
򐂰 Appendix B provides EXPLAIN output of various queries in a federated
environment, and discusses key items in the EXPLAIN output to focus on
from a performance perspective.
The team that wrote this redbook
This redbook was produced by a team of specialists from around the world
working at the International Technical Support Organization, San Jose Center.
xviii DB2 II: Performance Monitoring, Tuning and Capacity Planning Guide
Nagraj Alur is a Project Leader with the IBM® International Technical Support
Organization, San Jose Center. He holds a Masters Degree in Computer
Science from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai, India. He has
more than 28 years of experience in DBMSs, and has been a programmer,
systems analyst, project leader, consultant, and researcher. His areas of
expertise include DBMSs, data warehousing, distributed systems management,
and database performance, as well as client/server and Internet computing. He
has written extensively on these subjects and has taught classes and presented
at conferences all around the world. Before joining the ITSO in November 2001,
he was on a two-year assignment from the Software Group to the IBM Almaden
Research Center, where he worked on Data Links solutions and an eSourcing
Miriam Goodwin is an IT Specialist in Dallas, TX specializing in technical sales
support for data management products. She has worked with DB2 UDB on all
platforms for several years in technical sales support, implementation services,
database administration, and application programming roles. Miriam has worked
at IBM for nine years, and with DB2 Information Integrator since the original
release of the Data Joiner product in the mid-1990s. Prior to joining IBM, Miriam
worked with DB2 and other IBM database management products for 10 years for
various IBM customers in a variety of roles.
Hajime Kawada is an IT Specialist providing technical sales support for
information management products in Japan, with particular emphasis on DB2
Information Integrator. He has conducted performance and functional tests with
DB2 Information Integrator, and has taught seminars on it. Prior to joining IBM,
he had five years of experience developing solutions using Oracle and other
Roger Midgette is a Sr. Systems Engineer with Maricom Systems, Incorporated,
a Maryland-based Information Technology solutions provider. Roger has over 25
years experience with large-scale enterprise communications and database
systems. His successful long-term career with IBM and subsequent positions
with Mitre Corporation and The Fillmore Group have provided him with
experience in a variety of technical marketing, product development, technical
support, and training roles. Roger's broad background has allowed him to assist
national, international, governmental, and commercial organizations in
implementing complex data management solutions. Roger is currently focusing
on database middleware, including DB2 Information Integrator and DB2
Connect™, utilizing his understanding of the entire IT environment. He has
presented data management seminars and classes, published DB2 technical
documents, and authored DB2 Internet-based tutorials. He holds a Masters
Degree in Information Technology from the University of Maryland and is an IBM
DB2 UDB Certified Solutions Expert - Database Administration and DRDA®.

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