30 DB2 Performance Expert for Multiplatforms V2.2
The PE Server will immediately terminate if the master database DB2PM has
not yet been created. You will get the actual version and code level
information of PE server that has been installed.
The master database is automatically created when you start to configure the
PE Server by running the peconfig tool for the first time (see Chapter 3,
“Configuration and verification” on page 45).
Stop PE Server
If you need to stop the PE Server, log in as the DB2 instance owner of the
instance on which PE Server is running and execute pestop from the bin
subdirectory of your installation directory. If the master database DB2PM is
available, the first time you start PE Server, it may take longer due to the
initialization process. You should wait until PE is completely started before
stopping the PE.
Check also the server-level db2pesrv.log file described in 3.2, “Installation
verification and support” on page 122 to be sure the server started/stopped
2.2.3 Installing Performance Expert Server on Windows
The install of the PE Server on Windows is accomplished by using the
InstallShield GUI. Our objective is to provide a preview of the screens to which
you have to respond. This discussion is intended to supplement Chapter 3,
“Installing Performance Expert Server on Windows systems”, IBM DB2
Performance Expert for Multiplatforms IBM DB2 Performance Expert for
Workgroups Installation and Configuration, SC18-9191.
Before you start, you must have answers for the values listed in Table 2-4 on
page 23:
You must decide whether to use the default install path or not.
You must use the default DB2 Administrator or you must create or select a
user with the correct DB2 authority and Windows privileges.
While it is optional, it is recommended you place PE in a separate DB2
instance. This separate instance must exist before you start installation if you
plan to place PE in its own instance.
The PE administration group has to exist.
With PE V2.2, you can also create this group during installation.
The group name cannot exceed eight characters. With DB2 UDB V8.2 on
Windows, the group name limitation is 30 characters.
The users that will access the PE Server from PE Clients should also be
included in the group.
Chapter 2. Planning and installation 31
You must decide whether the PE Server service should be started at system
initialization or be started manually. For a production system, it would make
sense to start PE at system initialization. For a test system, it would depend
on how much you intend using the PE Server.
The Windows install of the Performance Expert Server (PE) starts with entering
db2pe.server.v2.2.install-on-win.exe from a command line. The sequence of
GUI screen titles follows with a comment about each. We placed PE Server
installable files in a temporary directory before starting the install. If you use an
install CD, insert the CD-ROM and mount the drive.
InstallShield welcome screen
This screen is the initial welcome screen. Select Next to continue.
License Agreement
After reading the License agreement, select Yes to continue.
Choose Destination Location
The default path is C:\Program Files\IBM\DB2 Performance Expert Server v2.
If you have decided to not use the default path, you should identify the path
you want to use now. Select Next when you are done. We selected the default

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