Chapter 6. Scenarios 365
Figure 6-28 Correlated graph of AVG_APPLS and BP Hit Ratio
We leave the validity of this scenario to your imagination, but the intent was to
show how PE can be used as part of your performance management tool set,
and that you can use other tools as well to complement what PE does not yet
6.2 Problem reported
So far we have seen the scenarios in which we did not have any reported
problems, but we were doing regular analysis for keeping up the health of our
DB2 database and system. Another important segment of DB2 system
maintenance is handling problems when they occur. In this section, we cover
scenarios on handling situations where the problem is shown by the database in
the form of a return code or error, slow performance, or diaglog showing the
database problem.
Scenarios covered in this section are as following:
Identify and fix slow queries
Alert and warnings setup and usage
DB2 diaglog reported problems

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