Chapter 2. DB2 UDB architecture overview 103
particular health indicator, and a new snapshot command to retrieve a state of an
health indicator:
db2 get alert cfg for database manager
db2 get description for health indicator db.spilled_sorts
db2 get recommendations for health indicator db2.spilled_sort
db2 get health snapshot for database manager
For more details on health indicator attributes, refer to DB2 UDB System Monitor
Guide and Reference, SC09-4847.
2.6.10 Memory Tracker
DB2 UDB Version 8 introduced the Memory Tracker tool db2mtrk, which provides
a complete report of memory utilization for instances, databases and agents. The
Memory Tracker will implicitly attach to the instance, without requiring the user to
explicitly do so.
Figure 2-24 shows instance and database values.
Figure 2-24 Memory Tracker
For more details on Memory Tracker, refer to DB2 UDB Command Reference,
2.6.11 Memory Visualizer
DB2 UDB Version 8 Memory Visualizer is new GUI interface for uncovering and
fixing memory related problems of an instance. Memory Visualizer may be
invoked from “Health Center recommendations”, or independently as its own
104 DB2 UDB ESE V8 Performance Guide for High Performance OLTP and BI
monitoring tool from the Control Center by right-clicking the instance_name and
selecting View Memory Usage.
The high-level memory components of Memory Visualizer are:
򐂰 Database manager shared memory
򐂰 Database global memory
򐂰 Application global memory
򐂰 Agent/Application shared memory
򐂰 Agent private memory
Each high-level memory component is divided into lower-level memory
components that determine how the memory is allocated and de-allocated.
Memory Visualizer can perform the following tasks:
򐂰 View overall memory usage
򐂰 Update configuration parameters for an individual memory component to
prevent it from using too much or too little memory
򐂰 Save memory allocation data
򐂰 Load memory allocation data from a file into a Memory Visualizer window
Figure 2-25 on page 105 provides an overview of Memory Visualizer. Historical
values of alarm and warning thresholds are displayed for each memory
Chapter 2. DB2 UDB architecture overview 105
Figure 2-25 The Memory Visualizer
106 DB2 UDB ESE V8 Performance Guide for High Performance OLTP and BI

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