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Chapter 15. Data sharing specifics
In this chapter, we cover several of the application and database design issues that influence
the efficiency and overhead in a data sharing environment.
This chapter contains the following topics:
򐂰 Data sharing goals
򐂰 Data sharing overhead
򐂰 Reducing data sharing overhead
򐂰 DML considerations
For more information about this topic, see:
򐂰 DB2 for z/OS Version 8 Data Sharing: Planning and Administration, SC18-7417-02
򐂰 DB2 for MVS/ESA Version 4 Data Sharing Performance Topics, SG24-4611
򐂰 DB2 for MVS/ESA Version 4 Data Sharing Implementation, SG24-4791
򐂰 DB2 for OS/390 Version 5 Performance Topics, SG24-6465

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