160 DB2 UDB V8.2 on the Windows Environment
4.5.8 Error handling
For error handling in the plug-in functions, there was a need to introduce the
following new SQL codes with new reason codes:
򐂰 New SQL codes introduced for plug-in errors:
SQL1365N Server-side local plug-in error
SQL1366N Client-side local plug-in error
򐂰 SQL30082 expanded to include plug-in error reason codes.
Reason codes 25 - 40 indicate plug-in specific errors generated by server or
client during CONNECT or ATTACH commands.
򐂰 The Administration notification log uses the Windows event log.
Administration notification log error codes 13000 - 13006 indicate plug-in
errors. 13001 and 13001 in particular display the plug-in name, error code,
API name, and the plug-in generated error message for the failing GSS-API
or db2sec function.

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