xx High-Function Business Intelligence in e-business
The team that wrote this redbook
This redbook was produced by a team of specialists from around the world
working at the International Technical Support Organization, San Jose Center.
Nagraj Alur is a Project Leader with the IBM International Technical Support
Organization, San Jose Center. He has more than 28 years of experience in
DBMSs, and has been a programmer, systems analyst, project leader,
consultant, and researcher. His areas of expertise include DBMSs, data
warehousing, distributed systems management, and database performance, as
well as client/server and Internet computing. He has written extensively on these
subjects and has taught classes and presented at conferences all around the
world. Before joining the ITSO in November 2001, he was on a two-year
assignment from the Software Group to the IBM Almaden Research Center,
where he worked on Data Links solutions and an eSourcing prototype.
Peter Haas received a Ph.D. in Operations Research from Stanford University in
1986. He has been a Research Staff Member at the IBM Almaden Research
Center since 1987, where a major focus of his work has has been the application
of probabilistic and statistical techniques to database systems. He invented a
number of methods used by the DB2 query optimizer to estimate query
processing costs, as well as methods for estimation of catalog statistics that have
been incorporated into the DB2 RUNSTATS utility. He was a principal
implementor of the correlation analyis and linear regression functions in DB2
UDB, and helped provided similar functionality to the DB2 Warehouse Manager
product. He also developed technology for interactive online processing of
complex aggregation queries, and led an effort to develop a prototype "online
aggregation" interface to DB2. This work earned him the IBM Research Division
1999 Best Paper Award and an Honorable Mention at the 1999 ACM SIGMOD
conference. Recently, he has been leading an effort to provide sampling and
estimation functionality in DB2, and is helping to develop the proposed ISO
standard for sampling in SQL queries. He is a member of the Institute for
Operations Research and Management Sciences and is currently an Associate
Editor for the journal "Operations Research". Since 1999, he has been affiliated
with the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford
University, where he teaches a course on computer simulation.
Daniela Momiroska is an IT Specialist from Macedonia, working in Business
Innovation Services in The Netherlands. She worked in IBM for three years as an
HR Access developer, and in the last two years as a WebSphere Commerce
Suite developer. Daniela has developed on-line shops for different customers,
and has extensive knowledge of Internet based products centered around the
WebSphere family. She holds a degree in computer science from the university
of Skopje, Macedonia.

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