DB2® Universal Database for OS/390® Version 7.1 Certification Guide

Book description

  • IBM's definitive, authoritative DB2 for OS/390 and z/OS reference and self-study guide!

  • The only comprehensive IBM(r) DB2 UDB V7.1 for OS/390 certification prep guide

  • Covers administration, security, SQL, application development, tuning, and much more

  • Contains dozens of expert DB2 tips, techniques and guidelines

  • CD-ROM contains complete DB2 for OS/390 sample exam

  • Written by IBM Gold Consultants for DB2 and S/390

  • The total resource for every professional running DB2 UDB V7.1 in OS/390 and z/OS environments

  • Database administration, security, monitoring, tuning, SQL, and application development

  • Sample test questions help you prepare for IBM's new DB2 UDB V7.1 for OS/390 exams

  • The CD-ROM included with this book contains a complete IBM DB2 for OS/390 certification sample exam.

    IBM's DB2 Universal Database Version 7.1 for OS/390 delivers unparalleled performance, scalability, and reliability in today's enterprise e-business environments! Now, there's a complete, authoritative guide to deploying, managing, and developing applications with DB2 UDB V7.1 in both OS/390 and z/OS environments—and preparing for IBM's updated DB2 UDB V7.1 for OS/390 certification exam!

    Direct from IBM, this comprehensive day-to-day reference for running DB2 UDB in OS/390 and z/OS environments is also the only book with the in-depth knowledge professionals need in order to pass IBM's latest DB2 for OS/390DBA certification exam. Full of expert tips, techniques, and guidelines, it covers virtually every aspect of working with DB2 UDB in enterprise server: administration, connectivity, development, and much more.

    IBM Gold Consultants Richard Yevich and Susan Lawson present start-to-finish coverage of DB2's latest and most powerful enhancements, tools, and utilities, showing how to make the most of DB2 running on both OS/390 and next-generation z/OS platforms. Coverage includes:

  • An overview of the DB2 UDB product family

  • DB2 in OS/390 and z/OS environments: address spaces, attachments, interfaces, commands, and utilities

  • Comprehensive security coverage, including access controls and auditing techniques

  • SQL in depth: DB2 data structures, database objects, basic database design, and advanced coding

  • DB2 UDB administration: maintaining data, backup/recovery, and more

  • Performance monitoring and optimization: access paths, indexes, parallelism, buffer pool tuning, and subsystem tuning

  • Data sharing: architecture and implementation in a Parallel Sysplex environment

  • Detailed application development coverage: database extenders, cursors, stored procedures, triggers, object-relational extensions, locking, and concurrency

  • Whether you're deploying DB2 UDB V7.1 in an OS/390 environment, managing DB2 UDB V7.1, preparing for DB2 UDB V7.1 certification, or all three, DB2 Universal Database Version 7.1 for OS/390 Certification Guide will be your single most valuable resource.

    Table of contents

    1. Copyright
    2. Preface
    3. Introduction to DB2 UDB for OS/390
      1. Product Overview
        1. DB2 and E-Business
        2. DB2 Universal Database
        3. DB2 Middleware and Connectivity
        4. DB2 Application Development
        5. DB2 Administration
        6. Data Management Tools
        7. Summary
        8. Additional Product Resources
      2. Environment
        1. OS/390 and z/OS
        2. DB2 for OS/390 and z/OS
        3. Security
        4. Parallel Sysplex Support
        5. Interfaces
        6. Installation and Migration Overview
        7. DSNZPARMS
        8. Commands
        9. DB2 Utilities
        10. Catalog and Directory
        11. Distributed Data
        12. Subsystem Pools
        13. Summary
        14. Additional DB2 Environment Resources
      3. Controlling Data Access
        1. DB2 Subsystem Access
        2. Data Set Protection
        3. Access to DB2 Objects
        4. Auditing
        5. Summary
        6. Additional Resources
    4. Using SQL
      1. Database Objects
        1. Understanding Data Structures
        2. Managing Database Objects
        3. Database Design and Implementation
        4. Summary
        5. Additional Resources
      2. Manipulating Database Objects
        1. Data Retrieval
        2. Data Modification
        3. View Classification
        4. Summary
        5. Additional Resources
      3. Advanced SQL
        1. Subqueries
        2. Unions
        3. Nested Table Expressions
        4. Joins
        5. CASE Expressions
        6. Row Expressions
        7. OLAP Features
        8. Summary
        9. Additional Resources
    5. DB2 UDB for OS/390 and z/OS Administration
      1. Maintaining Data
        1. Data Movement
        2. Data Maintenance
        3. Data Statistics
        4. Data Maintenance Process
        5. Standalone Utilities
        6. Resolving Restrictive and Advisory States
        7. Summary
        8. Additional Resources
      2. Database Recovery
        1. Database Recovery Concepts
        2. Logging
        3. Image Copies
        4. Establishing a Point of Consistency
        5. Recovery Concepts
        6. Backup and Recovery of the DB2 Catalog and Directory
        7. Disaster Recovery
        8. LOB Recovery
        9. Tracker Site Recovery
        10. Set Log Suspend/Resume
        11. Checkpoint Interval
        12. Minimizing Outages
        13. Data Sharing Recovery
        14. Summary
        15. Additional Recovery Resources
      3. Data Sharing
        1. Data Sharing Benefits
        2. Data Sharing Components
        3. Shared Data
        4. To Share or Not to Share
        5. Maintaining Data Integrity
        6. Performance
        7. Processing Costs
        8. Movement to Data Sharing
        9. Workload Management and Affinity Processing
        10. Distributed Processing
        11. Sysplex Query Parallelism
        12. Recovery Considerations
        13. Summary
        14. Additional Data Sharing Resources
      4. Performance Monitoring and Tuning
        1. Elements of Performance
        2. Tuning Guidelines
        3. Access Paths and Optimization
        4. Designing Indexes for Performance
        5. Query Parallelism
        6. Database Monitoring
        7. Tracing Problems in DB2
        8. Using DISPLAY Commands
        9. Buffer Pool and Subsystem Tuning
        10. Summary
    6. Developing Applications
      1. Application Development Overview
        1. DB2 Application Development Environment
        2. Delimiting SQL in a Program
        3. Declaring Table and View Definitions
        4. Host Variables and Host Structures
        5. SQL Execution Validation
        6. Using Cursors
        7. Using Dynamic SQL
        8. Precompile and Bind
        9. Application Program Features
        10. Stored Procedure Builder
        11. Summary
        12. Additional Resources
      2. Development Considerations
        1. SQL Procedure Language
        2. Extenders
        3. DB2 ODBC Programming
        4. DB2 and Java
        5. Stored Procedure Builder
        6. Summary
        7. Additional Resources
      3. Advanced Functions
        1. Stored Procedures
        2. Triggers
        3. Object-Relational Extensions
        4. Summary
        5. Additional Resources
      4. Locking and Concurrency
        1. Locking Data
        2. Overriding or Avoiding Locks
        3. System Parameters
        4. Claims and Drains
        5. Locking Issues and Problems
        6. Summary
        7. Additional Resources
    7. Appendix
    8. DB2 UDB for OS/390 and z/OS Certification
      1. Certification Test Objectives
    9. Bibliography
      1. DB2 Universal Database for OS/390
      2. DB2 Administration Tool
      3. DB2 Buffer Pool Tool
      4. DB2 DataPropagator
      5. Net.Data for OS/390: The following books are available at http://www.ibm.com/software/net.data/library.html:
      6. DB2 PM for OS/390
      7. Query Management Facility
      8. Ada/370
      9. APL2
      10. AS/400
      11. BASIC
      12. BookManager READ/MVS
      13. C/370
      14. Character Data Representation Architecture
      15. CICS/ESA
      16. CICS/MVS
      17. CICS Transaction Server for OS/390
      18. IBM C/C++ for MVS/ESA
      19. IBM COBOL
      20. Cooperative Development Environment
      21. Data Extract (DXT)
      22. DataPropagator NonRelational
      23. Data Facility Data Set Services
      24. Database Design
      25. DataHub
      26. DB2 Connect
      27. DB2 Universal Database (DB2 UDB)
      28. Device Support Facilities
      29. DFSMS/MVS
      30. DFSORT
      31. Distributed Relational Database Data
      32. Domain Name System
      33. Education
      34. Enterprise System/9000 and Enterprise System/3090
      35. High-Level Assembler
      36. Parallel Sysplex Library
      37. sICSF/MVS
      38. ISPF
      39. Language Environment
      40. National Language Support
      41. NetView
      42. ODBC
      43. OS/390
      44. PL/I for MVS &VM
      45. OS PL/I
      46. Prolog
      47. RAMAC
      48. Remote Recovery Data Facility
      49. Storage Management
      50. MVS/ESA Storage Management Library
      51. System/370 and System/390
      52. System Network Architecture (SNA)
      53. TCP/IP
      54. VS COBOL II
      55. VS FORTRAN
      56. VTAM

    Product information

    • Title: DB2® Universal Database for OS/390® Version 7.1 Certification Guide
    • Author(s): Richard Yevich, Susan Lawson
    • Release date: August 2001
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 9780130650764