DB2 Middleware and Connectivity

DB2 is a very open database and provides a variety of options for connecting to DB2 and non-DB2 databases.

  • DB2 Clients

    • Client code is required on workstations for remote users to access a DB2 database.

  • DB2 Connect

    • This product provides support for applications executing on UNIX and Intel platforms to transparently access DB2 databases on the OS/400, VM/VSE, OS/390 and Linux on S/390 environments. Note that DB2 Connect is not required to access DB2 for any of the UNIX or Intel platforms.

  • DB2 Net.Data

    • This provides the ability for a Web browser to access relational or non-relational data. This middleware provides an easy way to embed database calls into a macro language.

  • DB2 DataJoiner

    • This product allows DB2 clients to ...

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