5 Dealing with the remote stuff Having the key conversations when geography is an issue

It seems like only yesterday it was the norm to lead a team of people at work under one roof. Yet, in 2016 the number of workers operating virtually, or remotely, is increasing at an unprecedented rate as technology provides platforms for touch points that can feel almost as if everyone is in the same location. Despite many business models embracing the new world model of outsourcing and remote-based staff, it's a different work culture from the one built under one roof, a culture with both benefits and obstacles for the modern work team. No matter how advanced our technology becomes, we acknowledge that it will always provide a significant challenge when it comes to tough-stuff conversations.

According to recent reports, within a few years more than 1.3 billion people will work virtually — that is, through rich electronic connections from sites of their choosing. Along with this global shift will come exciting opportunities and also significant challenges, especially for the key conversations that those managing and leading this workforce will need to possess.

Before we give you principles and areas to be mindful of when tackling the tough stuff with remote staff, let's first look at the opportunities that exist now and into the future.

Find the best, don't choose from the rest

The war ...

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