This book would not have been possible without the help of many
friends and colleagues. I thank Prof. Efstratios Nikolaidis, Prof. Zissimos
Mourelatos, and Prof. Deborah Thurston for the direct and indirect
guidance provided. I thank friends Cheryl Eash, Akhil Indurti, Ananya
Indurti, David Schenk, Danielle Dougherty, Bailey Kretz, Bill Larowe,
Monica Majcher, and Dean Mollenkopf, among others, for support and
encouragement. The book is also a result of tireless work by Cindy Carelli,
Amber Donley, Tara Nieuwesteeg, and Amy Blalock of Taylor & Francis,
who were always ready to help when needed. Their patience during the
many inordinate delays in manuscript submission is also deeply acknowl-
edged. Finally, I thank my family for their constant support and guidance.

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