Chapter 9

The Nitty-Gritty: Walking through the Decision-Making Process

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying why a decision needs to be made

arrow Amassing and analyzing data

arrow Generating viable options and making the final decision

arrow Communicating and implementing the decision

arrow Understanding intuitive decision-making

As a decision-maker, you face all kinds of situations in your business. Each situation calls for a different decision-making approach. Some approaches are rational and analytical; some are more intuitive. Despite their differences, both rational thought and intuitive thought gather and make sense of information in an attempt to arrive at the best course of action.

Whatever approach you use, you can benefit from understanding the basic steps to making sound decisions. In fact, for every decision you make, you’ll touch on — accidentally or intentionally — the steps I outline in this chapter. I also show how your intuition enables you to make rapid fire decisions in quickly changing, high-risk ...

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