Chapter 12

Strengthening Relationships with Employees and Customers

In This Chapter

arrow Strengthening workplace well-being to achieve customer loyalty

arrow Building goodwill and trust with customers and community

arrow Using social media to build genuine relationships

arrow Consulting with employees and customers

arrow Integrating open flow of information for better decisions

Meaning matters. The desire to pursue work that has meaning is powering a revolution in business thinking. No longer is profit considered the only purpose of a company; today innovative start-ups dare to do things differently by setting business up to create a positive change in the world while making money.

The focus has shifted from making money at any cost to making money so that you can give back, solve a societal or environmental problem, or take up a cause. The growth of this movement is bringing about some important changes: It has produced new kinds of companies that don’t fit traditional funding models, and it emphasizes the ...

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