Chapter 15

Making Decisions as an Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying your entrepreneurial qualities

arrow Establishing a philosophical basis for decisions

arrow Putting systems and processes in place

arrow Recovering passion when it fades

An entrepreneur can be anyone from a newly fledged solopreneur or a small business owner to a founder of a corporation. Some entrepreneurs specialize in start-up companies, leaving when the company moves to its next stage; others are turn-around specialists, taking failing companies and reversing their fortunes. Entrepreneurs who become small business owners work for themselves and accept risk and uncertainty in exchange for the freedom to chart their own and their companies’ destinies.

In this chapter, I show you the types of decisions entrepreneurs regularly make. I also show those who’ve been entrepreneurs for awhile a way to recover the entrepreneurial direction and passion when it has flamed out. Because freedom allows you to reinvent yourself and your business at will, you’ll want to revisit the points in this chapter more than ...

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