Declutter Your Life

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Take back your space, your time and your mind to live your authentic life.

You have too many commitments in your life and too much stuff in your home. It's no wonder you feel overwhelmed and stressed out. You don't need to just throw out a few bits and bobs; you need to declutter your life!

Our homes and workspace are a mirror of what's happening inside us, Declutter Your Life explains how you can change your relationship with the things you own. Instead of being weighed down with objects and possessions that keeps you stuck in the past, you can learn to think about your things in a new light; in a way that's constructive and helpful to you.

There are plenty of ideas, advice, tips and techniques to help you. You'll discover how outer order leads to inner calm. Declutter Your Life explains how the principles and steps taken to clear and simplify your living space can improve not just your home but also other aspects of your life; your work, relationships and general wellbeing.

An ordered environment leads to ordered thinking. When you stop allowing your life to revolve around things that don't matter, you instantly gain the time, space and energy to focus on the things that do. Declutter Your Life will help you to:

  • Let go of guilt and get rid of the emotional baggage that keeps you stuck in the past
  • Feel less overwhelmed and stressed
  • Clear out your unnecessary commitments
  • Simplify and improve your work life
  • Declutter your relationships

Simple living doesn't end at home. Declutter Your Life shows you how to reclaim your space, your time and your mind to achieve the life you want to live.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Part 1: Declutter Your Home
    1. 1 How Do You Accumulate So Much?
      1. How do we accumulate so much stuff?
      2. Why do we acquire more than we need?
      3. The stress of it all
      4. In a nutshell
    2. 2 Why Can't You Clear It All Out?
      1. Can't get on top of it
      2. Hopes and fears
      3. Holding onto the past
      4. Feeling guilty
      5. In a nutshell
    3. 3 Think Differently
      1. Changing your mind
      2. Rethinking guilt
      3. What if I do need this some day?
      4. Hope-based clutter
      5. Focus on the benefits
      6. In a nutshell
    4. 4 Declutter Your Home
      1. Think it through
      2. Make decision making easier
      3. Beginner's mind and acceptance and commitment
      4. Get started
      5. Deadlines
      6. Set yourself up for success
      7. Start with the easy stuff
      8. The first step
      9. Bathroom
      10. Kitchen
      11. Collections
      12. What's the difference between hoarding and collecting?
      13. Clothes
      14. Books
      15. Photos
      16. Home office
      17. Your bag
      18. Paperwork
      19. Garden
      20. Clearing out other people's things
      21. Toys
      22. Ten more things to clear out of your home
      23. What to do with it all
      24. In a nutshell
    5. 5 Keep Your Home Free Of Clutter
      1. Stop accumulating
      2. Surf the urge to buy
      3. Borrow, hire and rent
      4. Non-clutter gifts
      5. In a nutshell
  3. Part 2: Declutter Your Life
    1. 6 Declutter Your Commitments
      1. How have you accumulated so many commitments?
      2. Why can't you let go?
      3. Benefits of decluttering your commitments
      4. Identify your commitments
      5. Identify your values
      6. Identify what to let go of
      7. Move on
      8. Ditch the guilt
      9. Say no
      10. New commitments
      11. In a nutshell
    2. 7 Declutter Your Friendships
      1. Why we hold on
      2. Who to keep
      3. Who to let go
      4. Benefits of letting go
      5. How to end a friendship
      6. In a nutshell
    3. 8 Declutter Your Work
      1. Rethink multi-tasking
      2. Optimize your time
      3. Managing interruptions
      4. Avoiding distractions
      5. Cut down on meetings
      6. Give it away: delegate
      7. In a nutshell
    4. 9 Declutter Information
      1. Set limits
      2. Find other ways to spend your time
      3. Positive news and information
      4. In a nutshell
  4. About the Author
  5. Useful Websites
  6. Index
  7. EULA

Product information

  • Title: Declutter Your Life
  • Author(s): Gill Hasson
  • Release date: February 2018
  • Publisher(s): Capstone
  • ISBN: 9780857087379