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Deep Change: Discovering the Leader Within

Book Description

Don't let your company kill you!

Open this book at your own risk. It contains ideas that may lead to a profound self-awakening. An introspective journey for those in the trenches of today's modern organizations, Deep Change is a survival manual for finding our own internal leadership power. By helping us learn new ways of thinking and behaving, it shows how we can transform ourselves from victims to powerful agents of change. And for anyone who yearns to be an internally driven leader, to motivate the people around them, and return to a satisfying work life, Deep Change holds the key.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Preface
    1. Purpose of the Book
    2. Who Should Read This Book
    3. Relationship to Beyond Rational Management
    4. Organization of the Book
    5. Learning from Harvey
    6. Acknowledgments
  7. The Author
  8. Part I: Deep Change or Slow Death
    1. 1: Walking Naked into the Land of Uncertainty
      1. Deep Change: The Organizational Perspective
      2. Deep Change: The Personal Perspective
      3. An Example of Deep Personal Change
      4. The Relationship Between the Two Levels
      5. Getting Lost with Confidence
    2. 2: Confronting the Deep Change or Slow Death Dilemma
      1. Slow Death: The Organizational Phenomenon
      2. Three Strategies for Confronting Slow Death at the Personal Level
  9. Part II: Personal Change
    1. 3: The Fear of Change
      1. Telling, Coercing, and the Checklist Mentality
      2. Taking the Third Perspective First
    2. 4: The Heroic Journey
      1. A Framework for Personal Change: The Hero's Journey
    3. 5: Finding Vitality
      1. Monitoring the Vitality Level
    4. 6: Breaking the Logic of Task Pursuit
      1. Breaking the Logic of Task Pursuit
    5. 7: A New Perspective
      1. Barriers to a New Perspective
      2. Examining the Core Myths
      3. An Illustration of Remythologizing
      4. New Perspective, New Energy
    6. 8: Confronting the Integrity Gap
    7. 9: Build the Bridge as You Walk on It
  10. Part III: Changing the Organization
    1. 10: Denying the Need for Change
      1. Coalitions and the Pressure for Change
      2. Internally Driven Change
    2. 11: Finding the Source of the Trouble
      1. The Influence of the Implicit
      2. The Problem: Often in a Surprising Place
      3. Why Change Does Not Happen
    3. 12: When Success Is the Engine of Failure
      1. Roles and Paradigms
    4. 13: The Tyranny of Competence
      1. The Individual Contributor and the Tyranny of Competence
    5. 14: The Internally Driven Leader
      1. The Political and Transformational Paradigms
      2. Manifestations of the Transformational Paradigm
      3. The Transition to the Transformational Paradigm
  11. Part IV: Vision, Risk, and the Creation of Excellence
    1. 15: Overcoming Resistance
      1. The Pressures for Conformity
      2. Three Barriers to Middle-Management Initiatives
      3. The Three Barriers Taken Together
      4. Middle Managers as Leaders
      5. The Process of Personal Empowerment
      6. Types of Middle-Management Initiatives
      7. Some Lessons from LEAD
      8. Paradigm Evolution
    2. 16: From Manager to Leader
      1. Leadership Behavior of CEOs
      2. CEOs and Firm Performance
    3. 17: Why Risk Is Necessary
      1. If You Are Not Risking Your Job, You Are Not Doing Your Job
    4. 18: The Transformational Cycle
      1. Attaining Peak Performance
      2. The Transformational Cycle
    5. 19: Excellence Is a Form of Deviance
      1. “Because It's the Right Thing to Do”
      2. Lonely Is the Head That Wears the Crown
    6. 20: Confronting the Undiscussable
      1. Designing an Intervention
      2. Diagnosing the Culture
      3. Clarifying the Meaning of the Profile
      4. Focusing on Actual Behavior
      5. Confronting the Undiscussable
      6. Moving Ahead
    7. 21: A Vision from Within
      1. Uncertainty and the Thirst for Vision
      2. Uncertainty in Organizations
      3. Who Is Willing to Die for the Vision?
      4. Tell Them to Stop Saying That
      5. On Finding Bread and Salt
      6. A CEO Finds a Vision
      7. Summary and Implications for Action
      8. Designing the Intervention
      9. Finding a Vision
      10. Building Commitment Without a Bread-and-Salt Vision
      11. The Power of Dialogue
      12. Vision from Discipline
    8. 22: The Power of One
    9. 23: The Power of Many
      1. Three Lessons About Empowerment
      2. The Final Key
  12. References
  13. Index