Chapter 15

Generating Music and Visual Art


Bullet Discovering how to imitate creativity

Bullet Understanding that deep learning can’t create

Bullet Developing art based on established styles

Bullet Composing music based on established styles

You can find considerable discussions online about whether computers can be creative by employing deep learning. The dialogue goes to the very essence of what it means to be creative. Philosophers and others have discussed the topic endlessly throughout human history without arriving at a conclusion as to what, precisely, creativity means. Consequently, a single chapter in a book written in just a few months won’t solve the problem for you.

However, to provide a basis for the discussions in this chapter, this book defines creativity as the ability to define new ideas, patterns, relationships, and so on. The emphasis is on new: the originality, progressiveness, and imagination that humans provide. It doesn’t include copying someone else’s style and calling it one’s own. Of course, this definition will almost certainly raise the ire of some while garnering ...

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