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(Some important info from Direct Selling Success for review)

Objectives of a Well-Designed Compensation Plan:

  • Increase retail sales
  • Simplify retail earning opportunity
  • Allow new distributors to earn some start-up income quickly
  • Increase company growth while maintaining profitability
  • Reward correct long-term building behavior
  • Provide some transitional income to bridge people during the time they are gaining experience and developing their skillsets
  • Be competitive with other opportunities
  • Provide seamless payments for sponsor lines in different countries
  • Comply with new customer-centric regulatory requirements
  • Simplify qualifying to empower more leaders to stay consistently qualified
  • Create pathways for large retailers who don’t recruit to achieve lifestyle awards
  • Provide a platform for full-time professionals to create passive income
  • Rebrand away from potentially objectionable terms like network marketing, MLM, millionaire, binary, and multilevel
  • Design to be complex enough to promote the desired behavior, but simple enough for the concept to be explained in a 15-minute presentation
  • Be a Win/Win/Win proposition for customers, team members, and shareholders

7 Truths of Building Successfully

Truth 1

It doesn’t matter what works. A lot of stuff works. What really matters is what duplicates.

At some point in your career, those words above will resonate with every fiber of your being. And the sooner that moment comes about, the happier, healthier, and wealthier ...

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