CHAPTER 4Unleashing Your Secret Weapon: Culture

Culture truly is the secret weapon of every great team leader who creates solid duplication and continued growth. As we discussed in the last chapter, it’s foolish to try and prepare a course of action for every possible scenario a team member may face in their recruiting and day-to-day operation of their business. If you could even create such a manual, it would be a 50,000-page binder and would make the business completely unduplicable.

Culture is the answer. It’s your secret weapon for productivity, duplication, and success.

Becoming a positive empowering leader consists of three foundational steps:

  1. Create the vision.
  2. Build the community.
  3. Set the culture.

Don’t make yourself the star or you’ll suck all of the oxygen from the room. Make the team and team culture the star, because that is what maintains the self-preservation of the organization. Culture sets the tone for the team, prepares your people for what’s ahead, and lets them know exactly what kind of organization they are a part of. Most importantly, it gives them principles and values to guide them through difficult decisions.

Recruiting contests, pop culture trends, and hot social media platforms are ephemeral. Their only constant is change, and you’ll be hard-pressed to keep your team trained on how to react to the ever-moving target. When you set culture, however, you’re creating principles that transcend the temporary and work effectively over the course of time. ...

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