5. Implementing an Enabling Technology Strategy

Opening Story: The Allure of Technology

October 25

At the Espresso Machine

“Good morning, Diane,” Paul said smiling. “It certainly is a beautiful day.”

Diane’s glance was chilling as she replied, “It’s raining and it’s nasty cold. You call that beautiful?”

“Not exactly,” Paul admitted, “but I’ll be leading our discussion on IT in the task-force meeting later this morning. What more could I ask for—except a hot cup of cocoa? By the way, Diane, do you mind if I ask a touchy question?”

“I suppose I’m game. What’s on your mind?” Diane queried.

“That was a gutsy move to pull the five-year SC technology plan. What were you thinking that led you to opt out of your meeting with the strategic planning committee ...

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