Make Your App with a Single Page

The sort of application you’ll create using Ember is known as a single-page application, because the application is written in such a way that all of your content is rendered via one HTML page, and changes to that page are done via DOM manipulation and Ajax.

In Ember, when using Ember CLI, that page is known as index.html. We looked at it in Chapter 1, but let’s look again at our index.html for EmberNote:

 <!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta charset=​"utf-8"​>
  <meta http-equiv=​"X-UA-Compatible"​ content=​"IE=edge"​>
  <meta name=​"description"​ content=​""​>
  <meta name=​"viewport"​ content=​"width=device-width, initial-scale=1"​>
  {{content-for ...

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