Chapter 4

The Roadmap for Social Customer Service

As with any new competency, it is probably wise not to jump in head first. Instead do a little homework and get organized with a roadmap. We suggest Social Customer Service is no exception.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide you with a framework and sufficient ideas to produce an initial roadmap. This will provide you with a central plank in your overall strategy. In fact, you may find this is all you need to get up and running. As we said at the start, this is the centre of the book in terms of applying the ideas.

The way we are going to deliver this framework is via a self-assessment of the key competencies involved in delivering effective Social Customer Service. Just how high has the bar been set? Well, we have assumed that by virtue of investing your time reading this book, you are motivated to do the best you can. If indeed that is the case, then this self-assessment will not disappoint! It sets you on a trajectory to become truly excellent.

An overview of the self-assessment is provided below. A digital version is also available on request from us if you need one.

Each competency is fully explored so that its importance becomes clear and any associated issues are mapped out for you. The consequences of adoption/non adoption are also laid out, so you can take stock of each competency's relative importance. There is also a quick wins version. Please note that this is to enable you to map some near term activity on your ...

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