FileSize Function


function FileSize(var F: File): LongInt;
function FileSize(var F: TextFile): LongInt;


FileSize returns the size in records of the file F. If F is a TextFile, the record size is arbitrarily chosen as the buffer size, which defaults to 128. If F is an untyped binary file, the record size is determined when the file is opened. FileSize is not a real function.


  • If the file F is not open, FileSize reports I/O error 103.

  • Real text files don’t have fixed-size records, so FileSize is useless for text files. Use streams or call the Windows API function GetFileSize instead of calling FileSize.

// Return the size in bytes of a text file or -1 for an error.
function TextFileSize(var F: TextFile): LongInt;
  case TTextRec(F).Mode of
    fmInput, fmOutput: Result := GetFileSize(TTextRec(F).Handle, nil);
    else               Result := -1;
  • FileSize does not support files larger than 2 GB. See the FileSeek function in the SysUtils unit, or call the Windows API for large files.

See Also

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