HInstance Variable


unit SysInit;
var HInstance: LongWord;


The HInstance variable stores the instance handle for the module (application, library, or package) that contains the HInstance reference.

Tips and Tricks

  • The most common use for a module’s instance handler is to load resources from the module. A unit can use HInstance to load resources that are linked with that unit (using the $R compiler directive). To load resources that are linked with a different unit (which might reside in a different package), see the FindHInstance function.

  • To load resources that must be localized (e.g., forms, strings), see FindResourceHInstance.

  • The instance handle of the main application is stored in MainInstance.

  • Earlier versions of Delphi stored the main instance handle in HInstance, requiring a call to FindHInstance to learn a module’s instance handle. The current release stores the module’s instance handle in HInstance.


// Use the Image Editor to create a .RES file that
// contains the company logo as the resource named LOGO.
// The GetLogo procedure sets its Bitmap argument
// to the company logo bitmap.

{$R 'Logo.res'}

procedure GetLogo(Bitmap: TBitmap);
  Bitmap.LoadFromResourceName(HInstance, 'LOGO');

See Also

FindClassHInstance Function, FindHInstance Function, MainInstance Variable

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