Deploy Containers on AWS: With EC2, ECS, and EKS

Book description

Start deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications into AWS container infrastructure using Docker on Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), and AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). This step by step practical book will cover all the available container services on AWS and review the usage of each one based on your required scale and cost. Further, you will see how to set up each environment and finally deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications on each one. 

In the chapter about Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), you will learn the process of building and managing Kubernetes clusters on AWS and see how to provision hosts in a matter of minutes, while deploying containers in seconds and making them available globally.

Deploy Containers on AWS shows you how to get started with AWS container offerings and manage production or test environments of containerized applications using a hands-on approach with step-by-step instructions.

What You Will Learn
  • Deploy and manage containers with Docker on Amazon EC2
  • Store and retrieve container images using the Amazon EC2 container registry
  • Orchestrate containers with Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)
  • Run Kubernetes-managed infrastructure on AWS (EKS)
  • Monitor, manage, back up, and restore containers on AWS

Who This Book Is For
Developers, cloud and systems administrators, and architects

Product information

  • Title: Deploy Containers on AWS: With EC2, ECS, and EKS
  • Author(s): Shimon Ifrah
  • Release date: October 2019
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781484251010