© Eberhard Hechler, Martin Oberhofer, Thomas Schaeck 2020
E. Hechler et al.Deploying AI in the Enterprisehttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-6206-1_7

7. Design Thinking and DevOps in the AI Context

Eberhard Hechler1 , Martin Oberhofer2 and Thomas Schaeck3
Sindelfingen, Germany
Boeblingen, Germany
Boeblingen, Germany

Design thinking and DevOps are long-standing concepts, well established and leveraged by most leading organizations. A sustainable adoption of AI for these concepts, however, is still lacking. But what exactly do we mean by adopting AI for design thinking and DevOps, and what possibilities do we have anyhow? Design thinking and DevOps methods can certainly be applied to develop AI systems and devices, products and tools, or applications. ...

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