468 Chapter 10: Prepaid Services
Solution: The H.323 call setup timeout can be tuned using the h225 timeout tcp establish
voice class configuration command:
voice class h323 1
h225 timeout tcp establish <value 0 to 30 seconds>
dial-peer voice 919 voip
application session
destination-pattern 919555....
voice-class codec 1
voice-class h323 1
session target settlement
OSP Problem Isolation
If you are having trouble isolating the problems that are occurring with settlement, try the
Check the originating and terminating gateway configurations for dial peers,
settlement providers, and certificates.
Check the network between the originating gateway, terminating gateway, and the
server. Ping each device to make sure that the machines are running.
Verify that IP calls can be made successfully. If so, the problem is specific to
Use the debug voip ivr settlement EXEC command on the originating gateway to see
if the TCL IVR script initiates a settlement request to the server.
Use the debug voip settlement network EXEC command on the originating gateway
to capture the HTTP requests sent to the server and the response from the server. If
the originating gateway gets no response from the server, contact the settlement
Use the debug voip settlement misc EXEC command to see the list of TGWs
returned from the server. If this list is incorrect, contact the settlement provider.
If the terminating gateway rejects the settlement token because it’s too soon or too late
to use it, synchronize the terminating gateway clock with the server.
OSP Clearinghouse Configuration Examples
This section shows two examples:
Configuring OSP on the originating gateway
Configuring OSP on the terminating gateway
OSP Clearinghouse Configuration Examples 469
Configuring OSP on the Originating Gateway
Example 10-20 shows an originating gateway configured to register with an OSP server.
NOTE The first tuplet in each IP address in this example has been replaced with a unique variable.
Example 10-20 Configuring OSP on the Originating Gateway
version 12.1
service timestamps debug uptime
service timestamps log uptime
no service password-encryption
hostname Group2_A
boot system flash c3640-js56i-mz_120-4_XH.bin
enable password pme123
clock timezone PST -7
ip subnet-zero
ip domain-name cisco.com
ip name-server xxx.156.128.1
ip name-server xxx.156.128.10
cns event-service server
crypto ca identity transnexus
! Certificate authority identity parameters
enrollment retry count 3
enrollment url http://enroll.transnexus.com:2378
! Clearinghouse server address
crypto ca certificate chain transnexus
! The following 2 blocks of characters are a hexidecimal representation of the
! certificates present on the gateway.
certificate 73A39A2746B2BFFC373AF35B70F427CC
30820246 308201AF A0030201 02021073 A39A2746 B2BFFC37 3AF35B70 F427CC30
0D06092A 864886F7 0D010104 0500306E 310B3009 06035504 06130255 53311030
0E060355 04081307 47656F72 67696131 18301606 0355040A 130F5472 616E734E
65787573 2C204C4C 43311430 12060355 040B130B 44657665 6C6F706D 656E7431
1D301B06 03550403 13145452 414E534E 45585553 20424554 41204341 2031301E
170D3939 31303132 31353430 33345A17 0D303031 30313231 35343033 345A3081
87318184 300D0603 55040513 06413137 30443030 1A06092A 864886F7 0D010908
130D3230 392E3234 2E313431 2E333430 1F06092A 864886F7 0D010902 16124772
6F757032 5F412E63 6973636F 2E636F6D 30360603 55040314 2F5B7472 616E736E
65787573 2E636F6D 20475749 443D3130 37333734 36393333 20435349 443D3830
35333131 3433385D 305C300D 06092A86 4886F70D 01010105 00034B00 30480241
00E288FF 7C275A55 5C375387 99FB9682 7BFC554C F2DFA453 BFFD88AB 657C0FD5
7FC510BA 13DDEB99 DF7E5FAA 5BE5952E B974F8DB 1B333F2C D4C5689D 61812121
DB020301 0001A30F 300D300B 0603551D 0F040403 0205A030 0D06092A 864886F7
0D010104 05000381 81007D83 08924EFD F2139D01 504FAC21 35108FCF 083D9DA7
495649F6 6D1E28A6 1A687F1C CAF5BDBD 37E8E8A1 54401F4A 73BBFB05 786E01BC

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