Summary 475
Prepaid services can be managed either internally within the infrastructure of your own
network, or through the services of an OSP clearinghouse. Depending on the needs of your
particular network, you can use one or both of these solutions to provide and manage
prepaid services.
The key to providing internally managed prepaid services is Cisco Systems’ debit card
application, which coordinates the functionality of four separate applications: IVR, AAA,
RADIUS, and a third-party billing system. IVR provides the customer interface; AAA
and RADIUS form the infrastructure to provide authentication and billing; and IVR,
AAA, and RADIUS communicate with the third-party billing system through VSAs. In
this chapter, we discussed the architecture of an internally managed prepaid solution and
the required hardware and software elements. We also provided configuration guidelines,
and led you through the steps of a typical prepaid services call.
OSP is used for inter-carrier interconnect authorization and accounting, enabling carriers
to admit and bill for each VoIP call accepted from another service provider. This capability
is critical to toll-bypass applications, specifically international wholesale voice, because the
terminating carrier must deliver the call to the PSTN, incurring a fee that must be funded
out of the settlement payment from the originating carrier. Because of OSP, you can employ
reliable third-party clearinghouses to handle VoIP call termination while leveraging the
bandwidth efficiencies and tariff arbitrage advantages that are inherent in IP. This chapter
discussed the architecture of an OSP clearinghouse solution and the required hardware and
software elements. We provided configuration guidelines and troubleshooting tips and the
complete configuration files for typical originating and terminating gateways configured to
register with an OSP server.

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