Chapter 3. Preparing the directory server for Workplace Services Express 61
3.4.2 Modifying the LDAP configuration
You must also add or edit the Global Configuration document to include the necessary LDAP
attribute types. To add the attribute types, perform the following steps:
1. Open the Domino Administrator client.
2. Click the Configuration tab.
3. In the left frame, click Server Configurations.
4. Open the Global Configuration document, or create one if it does not already exist. The
Global Configuration document has a server name of * - [All Servers]. To create a new
Global Configuration document, click Add Configuration and select Use these settings
as the default settings for all servers as shown in Figure 3-25.
Figure 3-25 Creating or modifying the Global Configuration document
5. Click the LDAP tab, and click Select Attribute Types.
Note: You do not see the LDAP tab until you select the Use these settings as the
default settings for all servers option.
62 Deploying IBM Workplace Services Express on the IBM Eserver iSeries Server
6. In the LDAP Attribute Type Selection window (Figure 3-26), in the Object Classes field,
type an asterisk (*) and click Display Attributes.
Figure 3-26 Attribute Type Selection for Anonymous LDAP Queries window
7. In the LDAP Type Selection window, select the following attributes and then click Add:
8. In the LDAP Type Selection window, click OK to finish adding the attributes.
9. You return to the Configuration Settings document. Select Yes or No based on your
business requirements for the Allow LDAP users write access field. For help on
determining which value to select, refer to 3.2, “Read/write or read-only access to the
directory server” on page 38. Select Yes for Automatically Full Text index Domino
Directory field as shown in Figure 3-27.
Important: The HTTP-HostName, MailFile, MailServer, NetAddresses, and Manager
fields are only required for Workplace Services Express integration with Domino. If you
do not plan to use the Domino Web Access or People Finder portlets, add only the
DominoUNID field. The supportedExtension, vendorName, and vendorVersion
attributes should be listed by default. If they are not listed, you cannot use the iSeries
Create IBM Workplace wizard to configure to the Workplace Services Express server.
Note: An LDAP search without a full text index is a linear search. Create a full text index
to improve LDAP search performance.

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