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Chapter 8. Enabling SSO between
Workplace Services Express and
Single sign-on (SSO) is the process that allows users of one Web application to move to
another application, either on the same system or on a different one, without clicking Run All
to perform the create index
scriptauthenticate with the second application. In our
environment, this means that, when users log into Workplace Services Express and want to
access their Domino mail file or other Domino-based information, they do not have to enter
their user name and password again. The system authenticates the user automatically.
This chapter describes the concept of SSO. It explains the necessary steps to enable it
between Workplace Services Express and Domino, using the Domino server to provide the
directory information and mail capabilities.
First we introduce the concept of SSO, its importance, and possible ways to implement it.
Then we discuss how to enable SSO so that users who are signed into Workplace Services
Express do not have to enter their password to access, for example, their Domino mail file.
Note: This chapter covers only SSO between Workplace Services Express and Domino
using the native capabilities of those products to provide it. It does not cover other solutions
such as Tivoli Access Manager.

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