Nova Packages

For most competent system administrators, package installation is the preferred method of software installation. Like products or distributions, packages provide for easy and quick installations. However, unlike distributions, package installations tend to require more individual pieces (and dependencies) and do not provide assistance with configuration. On the other hand, they do provide more flexibility in that the administrator can pick and choose the pieces they would like to install. The sections below outline the methods to obtain packages for many of today’s popular server operating systems.

Launchpad Ubuntu Packages

The source of all Nova packages is the code repository at Launchpad. If you want to closely follow the codebase, you should configure your system to obtain its packages from the PPA repositories at Launchpad.


Personal Package Archives (PPAs) is a Launchpad feature that builds Ubuntu packages from a user’s hosted source code and then distributes them to the public. OpenStack has taken advantage of this automated feature to produce several different repositories of Nova packages, each containing different snapshots of Nova code. We’ll talk about the Nova PPAs later, but you can learn more about creating your own PPAs at


If you want to run the latest release of Nova (2011.2 or “Cactus”) on Ubuntu, you can use the personal project archives (PPA) at Launchpad. You can enable packages from the PPAs by executing ...

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