Chapter 9

Cisco IOS and IOS-XR Quality-of-Service Implementation for Carrier Ethernet and Virtual Leased-Line Services

9.1 Overview

Carrier Ethernet and virtual leased-line (VLL) services refer to a group of technologies that allow the carriage of ISO Layer 2 protocols on a Layer 3 IP/MPLS network. These services are enabled by the encapsulation of Layer 2 frames in a standards-based manner: RFC-4619 for Frame Relay, RFC-4448 for Ethernet IEEE 802.3, and RFC-4717 for Asynchronous Transfer Mode, to name a few. Apart from Ethernet, each of these services provides point-to-point service only, encapsulating frames between two logical interfaces. Carrier Ethernet, on the other hand, provides either a point-to-point or a point-to-multipoint service. ...

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